Hear Our Voices! Women’s March 2017

January 20th will forever go down in the Project Pixie history books as the day we joined the millions of women around the WORLD in making history for the largest organized Women’s March ever!

For obvious reasons, we felt it necessary to participate in the Women’s March.  Since our founding, not much has changed or evolved in terms of legislation that makes access to feminine care products easier for women who are less fortunate.  There still exists the laughable “luxury” tax in majority of the states across the country.  And worldwide, the ignorance that still prevails when speaking of the very natural process of menstruation, especially in underdeveloped countries, is concerning…not to mention, nauseating!

As it was our first March, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect so to NYC we arrived with 45 or so many pixie packages and 250 flyers explaining to whoever took the time to read, who we are.  Through live feed and video, we unapologetically announced to the world that Project Pixie is officially a member of the resistance.

The only word I can attach to the experience was INSPIRING!  To be one person in a sea of 200,000+ with various political views or motivations could feel very scary; however, whenever I looked around all I could see is passion – on the faces of every person who gathered, in the signs that many took time to make, and in the chants we repeated as a message to the masses.  At no point was there a moment of concern about anything other than the solidarity in our message: We are one voice and an injustice to any one of us – whether women, people of color, people of the LGBTQ community, Muslims, etc – is an injustice to all!

And, we will NOT sit idly by while any administration steals our rights.

Because, this is what democracy looks like!

We didn’t have a sign but the ladies definitely represented and a few of our faves are:

Yes, some of these signs are hilarious but hopefully they shed light on the storm that has started brewing in this country.  The attempts to relegate women to the position of second class citizens is taking place under the cover of darkness.  Planned Parenthood is being attacked.  Women’s freedom to choose is in danger of being reversed.  And we were already making less on the dollar than our male counterparts.  We MUST not allow this to go over quietly. If there is anything that the Women’s March demonstrated is that women truly are an act of nature when we rally together.  We are the cavalry!

To know that Project Pixie stood with 5 million women worldwide in this movement is still an overwhelming feeling that makes me both incredibly proud and encouraged to continue to speak up and out against the Patriarchy.  Our work cannot end with one March and until our voices are heard, we MUST not back down for one second.  I encourage everyone reading this to join the resistance – if only by doing just one thing.  Write your congressman, attend town halls, volunteer your services or donate to the ACLU.  We MUST join forces to protect the thread of our society and here are some additional resources to help you get started:


Do not be quiet.

Do not be complacent.

Do not accept the unacceptable.



(all photo are shown c/o Tasheea Nicholson unless otherwise specified)